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NextUP BookCLUB Meets Every Tuesday at 1pm cst and Wednesday at 8am cst

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Here at ActionCOACH, our life passion is about preparing the next generation, and equipping them to do GREAT THINGS! One way we want to do that is through our NextUP BookCLUB. At NextUP, we are going to read some of the most well known books around leadership, personal development, and what it takes to be successful in modern business environments. We will start with E-myth, and, at a rate of one book a month, each week we will make our way through modern leadership ideas. Please join us as we grow and be NextUP in our industry!

Carter Krei, MBA

Facilitator, Executive Business Coach, Lean Facilitator

Carter is an executive business coach here at ActionCOACH Exceledge. With 5 years of experience implementing lean management and Performance Excellence practices in healthcare facilities, Carter is an expert in change management, communication strategies, and management psychology. Through this experience and his MBA, Carter will facilitate this book club in a way that ensures you will receive value from our time together.

Jill Madsen

Business Development Manager

The newest member of our ActionCOACH team, Jill joins us from the Alzheimer's Association here in Siouxland. Jill has a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing Management from Bellevue University and was a previous Anytime Fitness Manager here in Sioux City. Jill excels at connecting with people, meeting them where they are at, and providing the value that is needed.  


When does book club start?

NextUP book club began on March 3rd at 8am and meets weekly, and we are always looking for people to join us!

Free book you say? Tell me about that!

After you sign up, you will receive a welcome email from our business development manager Jill Madsen. We will send the book we are currently covering to the address given when the payment is made. If there is a different address you would like the book sent to, or if you already have the book we are going over and would rather receive one of the other books listed below, let us know by responding to the email and we will take care of it.

Where will we meet?

24-48 hours before our first session we will send out the link to our book club (it will be via zoom).

What will we be covering in this book club?

Great question, the main idea will be to cover one business related book per month. The standard meeting will be:

1) introduce new people

2) go over a summary of the reading for the week (you are more than welcome to do the reading yourself but we know some people learn better from the summary, so if that is you just show up and enjoy!)

3) have some open, honest discussion around the themes of the book and how we plan to ACTUALLY implement them.

For the first meeting, it will mainly be introductions, talking about why we picked the book, and getting to know each other before we dive in!

I am not sure I can make it at that time but I really want to join...

We will record all sessions and send them out to people who sign up so no one misses out!

I know someone that would love this!

Perfect! we would love to have them join us. As a thank you to you, we will give you your next month for free as a gesture of gratitude for helping grow our community.

Books and Topics (Subject to change)

The E-Myth Revisited

1st Book on the Schedule

Link to Amazon

Billionaire in Training

2nd Book on the Schedule

Becoming a Person of Influence

3rd Book on the Schedule

Developing the Leader Within You

4th Book on the Schedule

Start With Why

5th Book


6th Book

Good to Great

7th Book

9 Lies About Work

8th Book

Leaders Eat Last

9th Book

21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Tested By Time

10th Book

Reality Based Leadership

11th Book

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions

12th Book



Sign up NOW and get Your First Book on us!

NextUP BookCLUB Meets Every Tuesday at 1pm cst and Wednesday at 8am cst