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  • Free time to invest in work-life integration.
  • Financial freedom to live the life you want.
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Meet Coach Don.

Don grew up in small town Nebraska and after college moved to Omaha where he helped organizations across many industries, from engineering firms to manufacturing, achieve their goals.

In 2006, Don and his wife bought a cleaning company and eventually moved to working full time in the business. Through this business, Don learned all the issues small business owners face such as time management, cashflow issues, customer management, and the list goes on.

Don joined ActionCOACH as a client, and 2 years later his customer service was better, revenue and profits were up, and looking to expand into multiple states. All this while working less hours and not being on call.

With this new found free time, Don decided to become a business coach. Schedule a time with Don to see how he can help you do the same.

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