If you’ve been successful at business so far, you’d probably describe it to people as ‘going great!’. You’ve got a team that’s adding value and able to take on some leadership; you’re managing the operations and cashflow pretty well; and you’re taking home income! In short, you’ve built a solid foundation.

As business coaches, we find that sooner or later, business owners at this stage, can ‘plateau’ and eventually get a bit bogged down with…

– the long hours;
– staff that sometimes have trouble understanding their roles, or the boundaries of their positions;
– the emotional effort of reactive management; &
– the boredom of the routine.

As business coaches, we seek out people in this situation and work with them, to move on to the next level of business ownership, where:

– the work week is a day or two a week;
– your role involves long term planning and strategic direction;
– the team is capable and cooperative of their roles;
– the dashboard, clearly communicates the situation of the business;
– you’re time is spent on vision, inspiration, R&D, etc. … the fun stuff!;
– the business has intrinsic value, because it is finished’; &
– you are building passive income and investments, to secure your financial independence.

Our lunch workshop, will introduce you to the process of business evolution and how to achieve it. You’ll be able to meet others who are going through the process and ask questions, as you explore what the coaching process could mean for your business, your future and your family.

All content is useful and actionable! Bring your notepad. We have spent 25 years developing a system for continual growth and implementing it everyday with our clients.

REGISTER TODAY for this midday session and see how we can help you to identify the core areas to focus on to ensure your business moves to the next level.

Frequent attendees of this seminar include:

  • businesses that have earned a solid reputation and now enjoy the vast majority of their leads coming from referral and word of mouth
  • business owners who are consistently bringing in substantial revenue streams but are still far too important in the day to day operations of the company
  • businesses considering a move to drastically scale and multiply (add new locations/franchise/new markets, etc)
  • business owners who have enjoyed success but cannot remember the last time someone challenged them to be better
  • business owners who have circled a date in the calendar that they have marked as their ‘exit’ date

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